Jun 18, 2009

Review: GelPro Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat


The Original Gel Filled Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

An Anti-Fatigue Mat that Looks as Good as It Feels
Millions of people who love to cook experience pain in their feet and back from standing on hard, unforgiving kitchen flooring for extended periods of time. GelPro has solved this ergonomic problem with a line of stylish anti-fatigue floor mats manufactured with a soft, shock-absorbing gel core. The unique properties of the GelPro gel enable GelPro mats to provide the most comfortable surface to stand on, regardless of the type of hard flooring you have in your home.

My Review:

I spend alot of time in the kitchen, much of which is standing at the sink washing dishes, preparing food, etc. Some evenings when my feet ache, I realize it's because I spent more time than usual on my feet in the kitchen. When I read about Gelpro floor mats, I wanted to try one. I entered a few blog contests, hoping to win one, and finally got lucky when goodLife {eats} had a Mother's Day giveaway. I chose the Basketweave style in Hazelnut color which matched my kitchen floor perfectly. When it arrived, I placed it in front of my kitchen sink, took off my shoes and socks, and stepped onto it in my bare feet. It was cushy, but my feet didn't sink in (I had wondered whether such a mat would be too soft) and it felt great. I LOVE my GelPro mat! Now I find myself looking for reasons to stand at my kitchen sink, sometimes even just to stare out the window...

GelPro floor mats come in several designs - Basketweave, Cordoba, Striated, Crocodile, Ostrich, and Rattlesnake, with several color variations for each style. They have all kinds of sizes, from 20"by36" all the way up to 12 feet long! Gelpro floor mats are proudly designed and assembled in the USA.