May 5, 2010

~CLOSED~ Teddy's Pride Oral Care Probiotic for Pets

"Teddy’s Pride™ Oral Care is the very first probiotics for oral care for all cats and dogs that freshens breath naturally while gently and naturally whitening teeth.

Teddy’s Pride is both simple and affordable. For just pennies a day, you’ll get a 60-day supply, and with that very first jar, you’ll notice fresher breath and whiter cleaner teeth. You can enjoy this product risk free with our 100% 30-day money-back guarantee.

Even the most finicky pets can enjoy the benefits of Teddy’s Pride™ Oral Care, because this probiotic blend has no taste and no odor and it will not change the taste or texture of your pets’ favorite food. Your pet will get all the benefits of naturally fresher breath and whiter teeth with no messy brushing!

Teddy’s Pride™ Oral Care is 100% natural and made in the USA in a Certified FDA facility, ensuring both the highest quality ingredients and complete integrity. Teddy’s Pride™ Oral Care is also backed by 25 years of scientific research by Oragenics’ Chief Scientific officer, Dr. Jeffrey Hillman, D.M.D., Ph.D. "

Our dog, Louie is 13 years old, has never been very cooperative when we try to brush his teeth, and his breath is not pleasant.  I can actually smell it from across the room, when he licks or chews himself or yawns (yes, it's that bad!)  He won't eat the crunchy dog biscuits that are supposed to help clean his teeth, and we've tried just about every "doggie bad breath" product, including dental-aid chew toys, "breath mints", and even a liquid to add to his water bowl.  None of these products made one bit of difference.  To make things worse, Louie has a problem with an uneven bite that has caused some of his teeth to break, making it even more difficult to keep them clean, AND (as if that weren't enough) he also has allergies that make his breath worse, and cause him to lick and chew on himself a lot. 

When Cara at Teddy’s Pride™ offered me the opportunity to try their product, I was happy to oblige, but to be truthful, I wasn't sure anything would help Louie's bad breath.   I was however intrigued by the probiotics contained in the product, as I've read a lot about their health benefits, and have had good results from using them myself to help with my "tummy issues".

We began using Teddy’s Pride™ powder on Louie's food every day.   It was very easy to use, and took only a few seconds to sprinkle a scoopful over his food.   He didn't seem to notice it, and ate normally.  

We didn't notice a change in Louie's breath right away, but after a few weeks, there was some improvement.  In a few more weeks (after we had used about half the jar) we were convinced.   There was finally a product that worked on Louie's stinky breath!   I was so happy, because I am the one with the sensitive nose at our house (I'm convinced this is because my husband and our [male] dog are the smell-makers! Just sayin'...)

Something else that we've noticed since using Teddy’s Pride™ is that Louie seems to have more energy, and is more playful.   I don't know if that's just a coincidence, but whatever the reason, our old dog seems a bit younger these days, and we'll be giving him Teddy’s Pride™  from now on, to keep things smelling a bit nicer, and maybe even make Louie feel a little bit better.  

Teddy’s Pride™ can be purchased at

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